At Zanaco, we have developed complete payment methods that enable your company to take full advantage of the latest innovations in electronic transactions.
One of the most important aspects of running a business lies in collecting and receiving payments from customers.
Through our extensive branch network, Zanaco can collect and process payments through:


Our unique mobile phone-banking platform provides instant fund payments and collections with immediate notifications.


A transaction platform which allows funds to be transferred electronically. E-Cash can also manage your business sweep accounts.

Internet Banking

An innovative on-line solution for customers registered with Zanaco’s corporate internet banking facility that also allows for payments and collections between different banks.

Bill Muster

With Bill Muster you can pay your utility and service bills directly using internet banking or XAPIT instant banking as well as through any Zanaco branch – no more queuing and reduced cash-risk.

Merchant Point of Sale Devices

An easy-to-use, quick way of collecting and receiving payments that works for your business and your customers. When a customer swipes their Visa electron card at a retail outlet, the payment is debited directly from their account and credited immediately to yours. All you need to do is open a merchant account with Zanaco and sales proceeds will be credited for onward transmission to your main business account securely and conveniently.

Direct Debit and Credit Clearing (DDACC)

A collection and payment facility for inter-bank electronic settlements between bank accounts by direct debit or credit through the Zambia Electronic Clearing House (ZECH).