Munda Credit Facility 

Munda Credit facility is an innovative loan scheme created to cater for the needs of small scale farmers who are registered with the National Association for Peasant and Small Scale Farmers of Zambia (NAPSSFZ). The facility seeks to promote sustainable agricultural development through provision of credit for purchase of major inputs like fertilizers and seeds.


  • Farmers organised in co-operatives or associations and are memebres of NAPSSFZ are able to purchase seeds and/or fertilizer from input suppliers such as Omnia fertilizer Zambia Limited and Seedco/Zamseed.
  • Loans availed under this scheme are seasonal loans are seasonal loans expected to run for a period of 12 months from the date of disbursement.
  • Member co-operatives and associations have to put up a 50% cash deposit of the total loan value sought.
  • The 50% cash deposit is to be deposited into a time deposit account which is to be held until full loan recovery.
  • The 50% cash deposit serves as collateral for the loan and cannot be accessed during the tenure of the loan.

Your Benefits

  • You will enjoy low interest rates 
  • You will enjoy low arrangement fee.
  • You do not need to provide landed property as collateral for the loan value.
  • Once the loan is availed, there is instant access to agricultural inputs such as seed and/or fertilizer.