Savings & Savers Account

This is an account, which enables you to save your surplus funds and earn interest while retaining easy and immediate access to one funds when necessary.

Available Facilities

  • Attractive Interest Rates: To help you build your savings interest will be paid to your account biannually at competitive rates.
  • Regular Payments: You can use your savings account to receive and make regular payments.
  • Online Cash Transactions: Enable you to make cash deposits or withdrawals, from your account at any of our local branches.
  • Enable you to make free on-line transfers of funds between accounts held within our branch network. Contact your Branch Manager for further details.
  • Safe Custody: Other than providing security for your money, we also accept other valuables such as jewelry for safekeeping.
  • Bank Certified Cheques: If you face the need to make confirmed payments, the Bank can do that by issuing bank cheques on your behalf.
  • Regular Statements: You will receive a free statement on your account every month-end. In addition, you can obtain an interim statement on your account from any of our branches.

With a minimum balance of ZMW 750, the Zanaco Savers offers you a classic account with a system that saves you time by enabling you to transact from any Zanaco branch. You can therefore deposit or withdraw your money any time anywhere within our network thereby making your day to day banking easier. ATM / Point Of Sale Facilities Enables you to obtain an ATM/POS card free of charge. With this card you will enjoy the convenience of transaction from any of our ATMs and participating merchants. Grow Your Money Our interest rates are competitive and at a premium to the interest on Savings Accounts. So the more money there is in your account the faster it grows. Interest is paid to your account monthly. Manage Your Money: Enjoy your quick reconciliation Your statement can be obtained remotely from any Zanaco branch. You may therefore keep track of your transaction details. Protect Your Money against any possible cash losses. Your money is at risk when you carry it in your pocket. The Zanaco Savers account provides you with a cheque book, which unlike cash can be cancelled when stolen or lost, provided you contact us immediately. Paying Out Your Money: Easily and swiftly Zanaco Savers offers you convenient modes of handling payments that save you the trouble with cash payments. The transfer of funds is carried out electronically in the most efficient manner, covering payments by cheque, standing order, bank draft, direct debit, mail transfer or telegraphic transfer. Open a Zanaco Savers Account to put your finances right from the start and watch your money grow at a competitive interest rate with immediate access to funds.