Fixed Deposit Account

Allows you to invest excess funds awaiting future expenditure and earns you interest. 

We have a series of competitive US dollar and ZMK interest rates that accrue for various fixed tenors. You can select from the available tenors on offer based on your cash flow projections and needs. 




  • The minimum fixed deposit period is thirty days and   maximum period is one year • Attractive interest rates.
  • Fixed Deposit amount at account opening. • No monthly charges levied on the account • No withdrawals allowed before maturity. 


  • The fixed deposit can be assured as security for a loan.
  • You can select your period of investment.
  • You can renew your investment at maturity.
  • You can choose to have your interest paid into another   account. 
  • There is no maximum balance.


  1. Existing account where the funds will come from.
  2. Filling in of application forms.