Treasure Chest Account

Allows you to make regular fixed monthly installments on fixed dates to grow your investment.




  1. An account with Zanaco or another bank where the monthly instalments will come from.


  • Provides you liberty to grow your funds at your convenience.
  • Minimum deposit period of three months and maximum period of six months.
  • Higher interest rate than on a Fixed Deposit account.
  • Minimum monthly instalments of K100.00 
  • No monthly charges levied on the account.
  • Bank allows you to deposit fixed instalments periodically into the account.
  • No withdrawals allowed. However, the bank may allow closure           of the account before the maturity period.


  • You can save for your children’s school fees, guess what? it is in essence you practising “chilimba” with yourself!
  • Encourages regular savings habit. 
  • Wide choice in period of deposit. 
  • Flexibility in period of deposit. 
  • The more you save the more you earn.
  • Low minimum monthly deposit amount.