Online Banking Security Tip

Security Alert

Dear Esteemed Internet Banking Customers,

Don't click on any links provided in unsolicited emails.
Don`t access Internet Banking via any links provided in an email, always access Internet banking through the ZANACO website,
Don`t fill out online forms or login forms embedded in emails.
Don`t use public computers such internet cafes for financial and other sensitive communication.
Don`t provide Internet Banking passwords and usernames to anyone by email or phone.

Do use secure versions of Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer to access your Internet banking site.
Regularly review your Internet banking accounts and immediately report any suspicious transactions to your bank manager.
Delete any email request for your password or username update.

Please note that ZANACO will NEVER ask you for your username and password or debit card details via email or by phone. If you are not sure about the source of any email or phone call claiming to be from ZANACO, do not hesitate to contact ZANACO on or


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