Zanaco CSR

ZANACO – A Good Corporate Citizen

In seeking to promote the sustainable development of the communities in which we work, Zanaco is thinking not just of the present, but of future generations as well.

Zanaco and our employees are committed to honouring our goal to be a good corporate citizen. To achieve this, we are focusing on financial fitness, support to health, and environmental support – supplemented with well-directed one-off donations.

Our on-going, and to date very successful, financial fitness initiative is helping citizens become financially aware through education, training and targeted communication. Our work is guided by the country’s national financial education strategy so that all Zambians, wherever they may live and work, have the information they need in a way that helps them make sense of finance, banking and economics. That is information that will benefit individuals but also the nation as a whole as it develops and moves forward.

As the People’s Bank, Zanaco has a role to play in complementing government efforts to provide quality healthcare. We are concentrating primarily on ways to prevent disease and for 2012 our focus is on promoting access to clean, safe water.

At Zanaco we have an environmental and social policy that means that as a bank and a team of employees, we will set out to make our workplace environmentally friendly. The bank’s CSR work is managed by the Customer Service and Branding Department, supported by a working group made up of staff from a range of different departments and led by a member of the Executive Committee.

Through our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we want to help make our community a better place to live.