Commercial & Institutional Banking

Institutional Banking

This is a unit under Corporate Banking that services Corporate and Institutional clients outside of Agribusiness and Government Institutions.

We are a local bank with an in-depth understanding of players in the Zambian market. Our experience
can be backed by our proven track record of over 40 years.

Conducting your business with us will avail you numerous benefits including:

Dedicated relationship management
Short credit turnaround time
Wide branch network
Tailor made solutions
Electronic banking products and solutions
Working capital solutions
Capital expenditure financing
Seeing the development of the Zambian economy and infrastructure is a priority at our bank. That is why we focus on sectors such as:

Retail Trade
Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions
Non-Governmental Development Organisations
Learning Institutions

We also support expansion programmes for already existing companies in the various sectors. We are committed and dedicated to serving our corporate customers of our chosen market segments through the Corporate and Institutional Banking department.

Contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.