Student Card

Zanaco is pleased to introduce this exciting innovation and save you time and money.
We know that for you time is always of the essence.
So, we have developed the Zanaco ACCA Student and Professional Web Visa debit cards in collaboration with ACCA to help you spend less time at the bank and more time at your books. The card enables you to renew your ACCA subscriptions directly on-line so that you:

  • Save money. On-line payments are cheaper than over-the-counter or posted draft payments.
  • Save time. No more queues.
  • Reduce risk. Paying on-line you know that your subscription has arrived safely.
  • Make life easier. Pay your subscription whenever and wherever suits you best.

And, if you join our internet banking facility, you can also:

  • Transfer to colleagues, friends and family.
  • Check and print your bank statements on-line.

Zanaco has other great products designed to suit the ever-changing electronic world. 
Unmatched by other banks, we understand our market, our customers’ needs and, most importantly, we understand you! To find out more you can contact us on +260 211 223085, 228979, 221355 or 238880-1 or