Payroll Solutions

SME Payroll Solutions

Is your payroll associated with piles of paperwork, rising costs, delays or missed deadlines?
Your time is valuable, now you can eliminate the trips to various banks depositing cheques and/or sending written payment instructions.

Salaries and wages paid to the unbanked are paid through the bank via a payroll service that is instant, reliable, accurate and affordable. At Zanaco, we take pride in providing products and services geared to make your operations cost effective.

Choose a payroll service which you can manage easily from your office without frequenting the bank.

Corporate Internet Banking

Corporate internet banking allows you to effect multiple salary payments real time online from the comfort of the office or home, 24 hours a day.

Payflexi Reloaded

Payflexi is an enhanced web based electronic payment solution that will be effectively used in processing of salaries, bulk payments and payment instructions. Payment instructions can be initiated from source (customer premises or branch) then switch to either the interfaced core banking application or to the interbank (DDACC) system. In addition, high value items are filtered using the threshold on the amount determined by the Central Bank.

Payflexi is effective for processing the following transactions:

  1. Bulk Payment Process
  • Salary Processing
  • Dividends
  • Direct Debits
  1. Branch Instructions
  2. Customer Instructions


Benefits of using Payflexi

  1. Payflexi is used for processing salaries for all employees that maintain bank accounts with any commercial bank. The solution is scalable and able to process high volumes of salary payments across banks in Zambia
  2. Secure: The customer client systems have encryption algorithms embedded in the system and transmission of the file to the bank is through electronic means
  3. Web Based: As long as you have access to the internet, selected users can be created to process transactions through Payflexi