Ultra Business Account

What is an Ultra Business account?

This is a current account that caters to businesses with turnovers of 20Million or asset exposure of ZMW 5 Million or average Otr balance of ZMW 50K from any sector as long as it falls within the defined threshold.The account will be used for transactional purposes,deposits and it will have a call account on the backend for any investment needs.

The Benefits:

  • Instant Online Access
  • Instant Account Opening
  • Instant Visa/Master Card
  • Private banking for Promoter
  • Access to a Relationship manager
  • Exclusive Contact Centre Number

How to get it:

The following are the necessary requirements to apply

  • To get an Ultra Business Account, all you require is an existing Zanaco current account or savings account from which the installments will be made.


  • Free SMS/Email alerts
  • Zero fees on Call Account
  • Attractive rates on investments
  • Free enrolment for online banking
  • Competitive pricing on account fees

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