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Preferred Banking

Our Preferred Banking offering is designed to provide banking that helps you stay in control of your finances in a simple but effective way. Offering the right support when you need it to help you make better decisions and grow your finances.


Speak to a Relationship Manager
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  • Access to loans
  • Access to our wide branch network
  • Access to our Automated Teller Machines across the country 
  • Access to our Contact Centre
  • Access to Zanaco Xpress Agents
  • Attractive rewards, loyalty programs and other non-financial benefits
  • Assistance and support from a Preferred Banker
  • Access to embedded and customized insurance products linked to your account to suit your different needs

How do I qualify for Preferred Banking?

You qualify for Preferred Banking Acoount if you earn between ZMW 5,000  to ZMW 49,999.00 gross or if you maintain an average monthly balance under the same thresholds


  • Hospital Cash Plan        
  • Zanaco Aspire Account [for salaried employees]
  • Investment Products
  • Preferred Current and Savings Accounts
  • Personal Loans
  • Zanaco Gold Card