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Question 1. What is Xapay? 

Answer: Xapay is a mobile payment solution that allows Zanaco customers to pay for goods and services via QR code and USSD. 

Question 2. What is a QR Code? 

Answer: A QR code (quick response code) is a type of barcode that contains a matrix of dots containing a Merchant’s information. It can be scanned using a QR scanner or a smartphone with a built-in camera. 

Question 3. What do I need to be able to make payments using Xapay? 

Answer: In order to have access to Xapay, you need to have a Zanaco account or a Zanaco Zee Wallet. You will also need access to mobile banking. 

Question 4. How can I make a payment using the Zanaco mobile App on my mobile phone? 

1. Open the Zanaco mobile banking application 
2. Select Merchant Payments 
3. Scan QR code 
4. Enter the amount 
5. Confirm amount 
6. Merchant then receives confirmation of payment via SMS 
7. You will receive an application notification confirming the payment

Question 5. How do I make a payment using USSD? 

1. Dial *444# 
2. Enter 4 digit password 
3. Select option 6, Xapay 
4. Enter the merchant code (e.g 405825108) 
5. Enter amount 
6. Confirm purchase 
7. You and the Merchant will receive an SMS confirming the payment

Question 6. Who is a Zanaco Micro Merchant? 

Answer: A Zanaco Micro Merchant is any individual or business that is registered to accept mobile payments using either the App or USSD. 

Question 7. How can I know that a Merchant can accept mobile payments? 

Answer: All Merchants offering this Zanaco payment solution will have clearly displayed branding indicating that mobile payment services are accepted. 

Question 8. How safe is it to pay using Xapay? 

Answer: Xapay is a very secure payment platform that has account holder authentication before each and every transaction is fully processed. You will also get added benefits from the security features offered by the Zanaco mobile banking platform. 

Question 9. How quickly will my transaction be processed if I use Xapay? 

Answer. All transactions that are processed using Xapay are processed in real time. This means that there is an instant debit and credit on the account. 

Question 10. Can I remotely pay for goods? 

Answer. Yes you can. This can be done by using the Merchant payment code.

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