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What is Zanaco Xpress?

Zanaco Xpress is a partnership with a large number of agents in urban and rural areas through which Zanaco customers can deposit cash into a Zanaco account or can withdraw money from their own account at Zanaco. In this way, Zanaco further expands and strengthens its distribution network and our clients can deposit and withdraw cash at any nearby agent. Banking could not be easier

Currently the following services are available:

  • Mini statement
  • Balance enquiry
  • money transfers
  • Deposit money into your account using your card
  • Withdraw money from your Zanaco account using your card and PIN identification.
  • Deposit money into any account held at Zanaco by providing the account number.

The benefits of Zanaco Xpress for customers are:

  • Reduced travel costs and time to get access to your bank account
  • Convenience - less travel and waiting time as the Xpress agents are close to you
  • Transactions speeds – all transactions are carried out in real-time
  • Extended service hours - some agent outlets operate for longer hours and over the weekend

Together with Zanaco's successful mobile banking feature you can access your bank account anywhere 24/7. Click here to find a booth near you.

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