Lead Farmer Mechanisation Facility

What is Lead Farmer Mechanisation Facility?

The emergent and lead farmer mechanisation facilities are aimed at helping farmers access financing for the acquisition of different types of equipment, including tractors and implements such as boom sprayers, ploughs, planters and rippers. The objective is to assist emergent and lead farmers to improve their farm productivity through equipment and improve their access to finance.

Who is this product for?

  • Emergent farmers as defined by ZANACO
  • Lead farmers

Product Features:

Medium term loans to finance tractors and implements (e.g. boom sprayers, planters & rippers)

  • Maximum tenure of 3 years
  • Loan size amounting to the value of the tractor and implements on sale
  • All borrowing will be subject to a facility arrangement fee
  • The facility will be subject to the general terms and conditions of ZANACO

Partnering Assistance:

ZANACO is working closely with a number of organizations such as ZNFU, AFGRI, John Deere and USAID  to achieve this feat.