Online Smart Payments

1.       Integrated Payment Gateway

Are you looking for a solution to collect debit/credit payment within a web or mobile interface? Our payment gateway can be embeded within the payment process of your own website or mobile  application for a seamless customer experience.

Our payment gateway allows your business to move your sales to an online audience. With the changing business environment and customers demanding convenience, our online payment gateway opens the door for online commerce. We will provide you with access to our gateway, whereby you will be able to collect funds from your customers in real time.

Transactions are initiated from your business website and upon entering required information the card holder completes the transaction by clicking the submit button. This is done in a secure way as we offer the latest in payment security.

2.       Hosted Payment Page

If you don't have an e-commerce platform, our hosted payment page is an easy and cost-effective payment solution for you. Through our Bill Muster Online product your business can receive payments from your customers paying by debit/credit cards (Visa & MasterCard). Your business is able to collect these funds through our product offers convenience to your customer, reduces cash handling and eases the reconciliation.


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