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Village Banking Plus Account

Zanaco Village Banking Plus Account

The Zanaco Village Banking Plus Account is designed to help you and your savings group to grow your money in a safe and convenient way. The account provides security for your funds as it minimizes the risks associated with transacting with cash in a home.

With the ability to save in multiple currencies, the account gives you flexibility and attractive interest rates at the end of the cycle. Best of all the account is free of bank charges.

What you get with the Zanaco Village Banking Plus Account:

  • Minimum balance of ZMW100.*
  • Interest at 4% p.a. on the account.*
  • Zero account maintenance fees. Zero charges on Over the Counter (OTC) transactions.
  • Zero charges on fund transfers to any account including accounts not held with Zanaco.
  • Commercial rates on funds held in Term Deposits.
  • Available in multicurrency - ZMW, USD, ZAR, EUR.*
  • Quick and convenient deposit process through Zanaco Xpress Agents in addition to branches.
  • SMS alerts to 1 chosen signatory’s mobile number.
  • Instant fund transfers to member accounts within and outside Zanaco using Internet Banking.
  • Access to financial literacy training, networking and mentoring.
  • Attractive negotiable interest at the end of the cycle.*

(*Ts and Cs apply).

What you need to open a Village Banking Plus Account:

  • TPINs for signatories.
  • Copies of NRCs for all signatories.
  • Proof of address for all signatories.
  • Passport sized photos for all signatories.
  • Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 10 Signatories.
  • Individual account opening and Internet Banking application forms for all signatories.
  • Copy of the group constitution and list of members Signed letter of application according to proposed mandate detailing the signing arrangements.