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Grow into your greatness, bank with us!

Together we can make your money grow through the real savings account

What is a Sure Save account?

The Sure Save account is a free savings account that enables you to truly save while giving you amazing rewards for it. The fact that there are no maintenance fees and a monthly benefit of interest credited to your account makes this the perfect account to help you grow your money.


  1. No maintenance fees taking away from your savings
  2. Monthly interest enables you to grow your savings faster
  3. Minimal opening requirements

How to get it and what to expect

The following are the necessary requirements to apply:

  1. Certified copies of NRC, valid Passport or valid Driver's License
  2. Proof of residence
  3. Two passport size photos.

Features of Sure Save account:

  • Minimum balance of K300
  • No maintenance fees
  • Free monthly e-Statements.
  • Internet banking access
  • No mobile banking access, cheque or debit card on the account

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